Praga Walking Tour

Come and see the most shady side of Warsaw.

Located on the eastern bank of the Vistula River, the Praga District was the least destroyed by enemy activity in World War II. Consequently, the area has cultivated its own culture, spirit, dialect (lingo), the style of being, isolated by the river.

Some people say it’s dangerous, but over the past decade Praga has partly shaken off its shady image to become a „bohemian quarter”. It has become extremely popular with artists, who have flocked in to set up their studios, art galleries, theatres and art centres.


– Stroll in the oldest part of Praga

– The Praga catholic cathedral

– The orthodox cathedral

– Jewish heritage: old ritual bathhouse, former Jewish dormitory, former Jewish orphanage, pre-war Jewish prayer room

– Koneser and Soho – once large industrial complexes, today transformed into hubs for business creativity, start-ups, fashion, modern design and hipsters life

– Brzeska, once the most dangerous street in the city… is it still?

– Local bar to try local food

– Wedel factory, where we`ll try the oldest and most popular chocolate in Poland

– Wild river bank with natural, sandy beaches (every summer, it`s the most popular leisure and fun zone in the city)


Please note:

It is a walking tour, given the proximity of the sites to each other and the structure of streets in this area. Many sites are located in alleyways or courtyards not easily accessible by car in any way.
Distance walked will be ca. 5 kms.


You can combine this tour with:


Czas trwania:
4 hours

Miejsce spotkania:
at a place convenient to you: your hotel, airport, train station etc.

Walking + Public transport (distance to walk ca. 5 kms)

450 zloty

Cena zawiera:
guiding service

Cena nie zawiera:
Public transport ticket – 15 zloty per person
Food, chocolate etc. – you should have at least 50 zloty per person with you

Żeby zamówić tę wycieczkę, prześlij mi proszę wiadomość podając termin, liczbę osób oraz miejsce pobytu w Warszawie.