Treblinka and Tykocin

You can combine your visit to Treblinka with a tour of Tykocin, a well preserved Jewish shtetl.

The little town of Tykocin looks like a place where time has stood still – the same as it did before World War 2 and much the same as it did in the 18th century.

Architecturally, it`s one of the best preserved examples of an old-style shtetl – an East European market town, inhabited mostly but not exclusively by Jews. The shtetl was the birthplace of a rich and distinctive Jewish culture that described the traditional way of life of Eastern European Jews and was annihilated during World War 2.

As a result, very few shtetls survived to this day in their original shape. The best known exception in Poland is Tykocin.

The town`s major tourist attraction is baroque synagogue built in 1642, the second largest in today`s Poland. In 2013 the synagogue of Tykocin was voted one of the “new seven wonders” of Poland, in the third edition of a readers’ contest sponsored by the Polish edition of National Geographic Traveller magazine.

Walking around the town, you can see 18-th and 19-th century wooden houses in original, baroque urban layout. Its grand scale is dominated by monumental church and monastery.

In Tykocin we will have lunch in a restaurant which serves traditional dishes of Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine.


Czas trwania:
10-12 hrs

Miejsce spotkania:
at a place convenient to you: your hotel, airport, train station etc.

Private car

1950 zloty – maximum 4 persons (5-seat car)
2350 zloty – 5-6 persons (mini van)
2550 zloty – 7-19 persons (bus)
2950 zloty – 20 persons and more

Cena zawiera:
Guiding service
Car service
parking fees

Dodatkowe wydatki:
Entrance fees – 23 zloty per person

Żeby zamówić tę wycieczkę, prześlij mi proszę wiadomość podając termin, liczbę osób oraz miejsce pobytu w Warszawie.