Full Day Tour #2

This tour combines strolls and riding in a comfortable vehicle or public transport.

Spend the whole day touring Warsaw. This tour is for those who want to combine city`s history, iconic landmarks and sights with experience of everyday life. For me it`s a great opportunity to show you my Warsaw, those places I enjoy most – leisure areas, best food, local art, my favorite objects etc.

The tour is divided into two parts:

The first part combines all the highlights of Warsaw – historic district, Jewish history and area of the former ghetto, top communist sites, new Warsaw:

The Old Town – enlisted by UNESCO as a world heritage site, this place mainly narrates a fascinating story of world`s first and largest reconstruction, which took place following total WW II destruction.

– Royal Castle

– Warsaw cathedral

– statue of the Warsaw mermaid

– house of birth of Madame Curie

– medieval defense walls

– Monument to the Warsaw Uprising

–  Supreme Court

The Royal Route – the most beautiful, historic boulevard, filled with main monuments, palaces and churches:

– Presidential Palace

– Holy Cross Church

– University of Warsaw

– statue of Copernicus

– Chopin`s places and music

– Canaletto pictures

– Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Lazienki Royal Park – former summer royal resort, the most popular park in Warsaw with beautiful 18th century architecture (esp. Palace on the Water) and art nouveau Chopin`s statue.

Communism – we`ll see and discuss the impact of Soviet occupation and communism on urban landscape and layout:

– The Palace of Culture and Science – the tallest building in Poland, Stalin`s gift and icon of a socialist architecture.

– Marszalkowska street, the route of communist parades and marches which leads to MDM – the iconic, socialist housing development.

The new, modern city centre – how Warsaw has changed since the collapse of communism.

– Briefly area of the Warsaw ghetto, including top memorials.

In the second part, I will show you my Warsaw

Actually, writing this I have a problem how to describe this part of the tour. I don`t want to reveal too much, I want to surprise you a little bit. It`s part of fun, too.

So let me point out just briefly what kind of places we may see (and it will be also up to you of course, your preferences):

– the most shady and bohemian neighborhood

– popular leisure areas, where local people enjoy their free time, the riverside and beach life

– Polish art

– Stores that sell original Polish items: hand-made crafts or modern Polish design

– the best local food (markets, pastries, Polish chocolate, vodka…)

And there is one more thing. I think all of us have personal heroes – people we call role models, who had a positive impact on our lives. I will take you to places connected with people who played such role in my life and whose legacy is my inspiration.


You can combine this tour with:


Możesz wybrać spośród dwóch opcji!

Opcja 1:
Walking + Public Transport

Czas trwania:
10 hours

Miejsce spotkania:
at a place convenient to you: your hotel, airport, train station etc.

1050 zloty

Cena zawiera:
Guiding service

Dodatkowe wydatki:
Public transport ticket – 15 zloty per person
Nożyk synagogue entrance fee - 10 zloty per person (not available on Friday afternoon and Saturday)

Opcja 2:
Private car

Czas trwania:
8 hrs

Miejsce spotkania:
at a place convenient to you: your hotel, airport, train station etc.

1590 zloty – maximum 4 persons (6-seat car)
1700 zloty – 5-6 persons (mini van)
1900 zloty – 7-19 persons (bus)
2550 zloty – 20 persons and more

Cena zawiera:
Guiding service
Car service

Dodatkowe wydatki:
Admission fees, snacks, pastries, lunch etc. – you should have at least 100 zloty per person with you

Żeby zamówić tę wycieczkę, prześlij mi proszę wiadomość podając termin, liczbę osób oraz miejsce pobytu w Warszawie.