River Cruise

Warsaw is lucky to be the last capital city in Europe with a wild, natural river bank. You will be surprised how different the city looks from Wisła river.

It`s one of my favourite attracations in Warsaw. In recent years, varsovians re-discovered Wisła. The river banks have become the most popular leisure area. Cleaned, improved, well maintained, filled with cafes and restaurants are today crowded with people sunbathing, partying, playing games and enjoying music concerts. It`s the nightlife center!

I always have my birthday parties on one of the beaches (if you happen to be in Warsaw around June 30th, come and join!).

If you decide to go on a cruise, send me a booking request with preferred date and time. I will respond with details like: map, meeting point, payment options etc.



Czas trwania:
1 hour

Miejsce spotkania:
you will receive it by e-mail, when confirming your booking.

47 zloty per person
If you want to rent the boat for your group exclusively, please drop me a message.

The cruises go everyday, at different times – just let me know what day and time is convenient for you .

Żeby zamówić tę wycieczkę, prześlij mi proszę wiadomość podając termin, liczbę osób oraz miejsce pobytu w Warszawie.